About Raw Meat Pet Food

RawMeatPetFood.com is now 5 years old and we are hoping to truly see some big changes for 2016 and beyond. We have been in the specialty companion pet business in varying roles for over 20 years and done everything from a very successful brick and mortar retail store to wholesale and manufacturing /distribution. This new web store will feature first and foremost, the best pre-mixes for natural raw food feeding. Feeding a natural raw meat based diet to your cats and dogs can have some remarkable and positive effects on their health when done properly. We want to make it easy and affordable. It gives you control over the source of the meat and control over the quantity you wish to make at any one time. We will also be carrying quality human grade treats, unique toys and specialty accessories for those four legged members of your family.

We love our pets as much as you do and our hope is to always have the best quality for your furry friends and reasonable prices for you.

If you have a specialty pet supply store near you, please shop there first. Support your local merchants so that they can continue to provide you with high quality products and keep your dollars local. If you see an item here and you want to buy it at your local specialty store, ask the owner or manager to see if they can special order it for you. Most of the time they should be happy to do it. If they need the source or manufacturers contact info, we would be happy to provide them with that information.

Raw Meat Pet Food

Natural pet food at its best.

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