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Natural Pet Food at its Best

We at RawMeatPetFood.com know that your pets are part of the family, we feel the same way and we only want them to have the best. Home prepared raw diets using pre mixes are our specialty. It gives you the control over what type of meat protein source you use and where you get it. It can save you money when you buy bulk or it can help you afford local naturally raised meat without worrying about preparing difficult recipes from scratch and getting everything balanced. We take the guesswork out of it. Check back soon. We will be adding more pre mix brands, freeze dried raw, and healthy treats in the very near future.


Here's what our wonderful customers have to say...

Janette B.

I just ordered another bag- my cats love it!


I don’t know if you get much product feedback but my male cat loves the raw food made with TC Feline and he looks so much better...

Marian and Sheba Cat

Sheba cat still loves her food :) I am so grateful your business is out there.


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Raw Meat Pet Food

Natural pet food at its best.

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